04 Gibson Les Paul Standard R8 Custom 58 Historic
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04 Gibson Les Paul Standard R8 Custom 58 Historic

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gibson les paul custom 322172706131257010 04 Gibson Les Paul Standard R8 Custom 58 Historic

        Make an Offer or Buy It Now!!!!!

                            LP R8 -P                          

               This is a exceptional peace of American Guitar that literally blows me away with the sounds it makes . It is in better than Excellent Condition (cleaning evidence only) , but not Mint as it has been played . You'd never prove it but it's true .

                      From the old Aged Hand Wound PAF Reissues to the Bumblebees this is an amazing Rock Machine that reminds me of a few Guitars I played as a really young kid . The Bleed Threw on the Binding is stunning and the Wood Grain on the front and back is perfect . It's a Plain Top with Gloss and weighs in at 7.6 pounds . I never thought I'd like a Chambered R8 , but this is the top of the Guitar Chain . She's one of those Guitars .  Geiger

                     And Now My Favorite : I'm 100 % Honest . You be honorable as well . Don't try to rip me off or scam me as I will hunt you down anywhere .You've been warned .   

                  I will ship , per your instrutions , as soon as payment is cleared . This is normally less than a day .

 ECheck is cool and Paypal works too . If your not in a hurry and pay by echeck I'll reimburse you a few dollars as it saves me papypal fees .

                            If your miserable and nothing will make you happy and you can't read this very discriptive explanation of what your buying or view my photos move on as we don't need to do business . You know who you are . 

                  With a little honor and integrity on both our part we should be just fine here . 

                     International Bidders do your research before you bid .If you have taxes , duties , tariffs , etc on Used American Goods please know them and pay them . I'll help as much as I can. I can and will deliver .

                    I'm not the local Convenient Store and don't accept returns unless specifically stated .This R8 is certainly a returnable item . 

                    I  ship parcel post  , or Ground with full Insurance tp protect us both from any issues later . If your in a hurry throw me an extra 20 and we'll speed it up some on the shipping upgrade .  

                 Feel free to contact me at  ebay or SSpanzer88@aol.com . If you need to call 330 628 4542 please do it at 11:30 Am or at 12:00 MidNight Eastern Standard Time . Americans and Canadians can leave a phone number anytime . I'll call back  . Everyone else,I answer questions atleast once every afternoon and late at night . 

      I reserve the right to end this Auction anytime for any reason . Feel free to pick it up .

                                          Thanks for looking!              Geiger

gibson les paul custom 322172706131257011 04 Gibson Les Paul Standard R8 Custom 58 Historic
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