1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Red Sunburst All Original
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1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Red Sunburst All Original

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gibson les paul custom 318691304137443200 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Red Sunburst All Original

Hello, this guitar was supposed to be an heirloom to be passed to me from my father but we must sell it.  It is a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom, solidbody electric guitar.  All of the hardware is original. It has sat in the case under my father's bed for 38 years and thus may need some work in order to make it "perfect" but as it is it is in fine working order.  The pattern of the guitar is known as Red Sunburst one of the rarer patterns for these model guitars.  This is the perfect instrument for the collector and lover of fine vintage instruments, given the value it seems to make less sense to use it as an everyday "bangaround" guitar.  The hardware is all original and is gold.  The fingerboard and head are inlaid with genuine mother of pearl. There are no scores on the frets from the strings being depressed. The only real problem with the guitar and PLEASE READ THIS is that as depicted in picture 9 there is an approximately two by two inch area where some of the finish has been rubbed off.  The reason for this is that the time my father was out playing in bands was the era of the large beltbuckle and these scratches have resulted from contact between the rear of the body of the guitar and these beltbuckles. This is known as "belt-rub" and is pretty common on older electric guitars.

Ideally this item would be purchased by someone who has an appreciation for fine vintage American guitars.

The serial number of this guitar, as depicted in photo 12 though it is hard to decipher, is   629472  for anyone who wishes to research the guitar's history I'm sure that you can do so through Gibson.  My father bought this guitar brand new in 1972 and is the original owner so given the fact that it has only had one owner there is not much history to be uncovered.  Under the serial number in the proper place for all such Gibson Les Paul Customs is the "Made in the USA" engraving, also pictured though it may be likewise hard to decipher.

We are not responsible for any damage incurred during the shipping process.  Payment may be made through Paypal or in cash, also item my be picked up if you live close enough to save shipping costs. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Those opting to pay via Paypal must make the payment and it must clear prior to shipment

Included is the original Gibson hard case but given the fact that you may only list 12 pictures I was not able to include a photo.  It is a hard case with orange plush interior and black exterior. All of the latches work and it even locks!! 

I genuinely hope that this guitar finds its way to someone who appreciates fine musical instruments and especially fine vintage American guitars and who will maintain it preserve it and respect this masterpiece of American guitar craftsmanship.


If the shipping seems high to some of you the reason is because it has to be insured which costs 2 dollars per hundred so hypothetically if it goes for 2000 thats 40 dollars just in insurance. It has to custom packed including being double boxed and then the actual shipping costs on top of it so it will probably cost more than 100 dollars to ship but to encourage higher bids we'll eat the difference.  If you live close enough we totally encourage you to pick it up in person to save yourself on the shipping costs.  I've had to re-do this ad a few times because I wanted to offer shipping and then to lower shipping costs but it would not let me because the item already had bids, but I will not re-do this ad again-- it's going all the way this time!!!


Thanks for looking and the best of luck on your bidding I hope it finds its way to someone who is a lover of fine vintage guitars!!!

gibson les paul custom 318691304137443201 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Red Sunburst All Original
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