1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ace 3 Pickup Case (107
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1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ace 3 Pickup Case (107

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First a few very important notes!! There are more “Important
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This is a 1976 Les Paul Custom with three Dimarzio Super 100s. Just like Ace Frehley's original 3 pup 1976 Custom. This is what they call in Japan a "real modify". That means it has been done to be the same as an artist's model...You take the same year model that the Artist played and modify it to be like theirs. This guitar was most likely not originally a 3 pup guitar but the route is so professional it might actually look better than the other two.  Pots look to be original (date to 1975). The hardware is all correct Gibson though the tailpiece looks really new. Knobs look very new as well.

Light fret wear showing...see pics!!

Cosmetically it still looks very good. Has some play related wear though...see ALL of the pics for a very accurate representation of the condition. This guitar is structurally 100%. No repairs done or needed.

Sounds and plays great. No issues.

About as close as you can get to Ace's original!!!

Comes in it's original case pictured.

Just to very clear: YES, this is a real made in USA Gibson..exactly as described. Gibson exports literally tons and tons of guitars every year...especially to Japan. This guitar is not a replica etc.

See our feedback..the BEST on ebay for guitar sellers. Really!

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Meestursparkle is now based in Japan. We are a family operation and buying and selling guitars is all we do. Current lineup consists of Jim, Yuko,Takashi and Karin.

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