1978 Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary Custom
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1978 Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary Custom

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I1978 Gibson Les Paul 25/50





Here is a super clean 
Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul! The Serial Number is 73468169, which 
dates it to 1978. The Pots are dated "137-7811" which dates 
them to the 11th week of 1978 (March). It weighs 11 Pounds 12 Ounces. 
It's all original except for the Neck Pickup, which is from the early 
90's. The Bridge Pickup looks different than the standard 1978 Gibson 
Pickups (which have the Patent Number). I was not able to find any photos 
of stock 25/50 Pickups, so they might all be black on the bottom like 
mine. You should be able to eventually find an original Pickup for $100 
or less.

The whole guitar is 
very, very clean overall! This one did not see a lot of playing time in 
it's day and has spent a lot of time in the closet since then. The Top 
has a few light scuffs and impressions, but no scratches or dings. The 
Back has a slight buckle rash in the middle, but it has not broken through 
the top layer of finish. No dings or other major issues around the sides. 
The Neck is straight, the Frets are original and show only light wear. 
This is one of the "Fretless Wonder" Gibsons which are hard 
to see Fretwear. It's in excellent playing condition with no dead frets 
or other major issues. The fretboard is clean and the back of the neck 
has no indents and finish loss. The Headstock has a few light scuffs on 
the top, but no major issues. No cracks, repairs or extra holes. The hardware 
is all original and in excellent working condition. It comes with the 
original case which has some general wear on the outside, but is in excellent 
working condition overall. It does not have any of the paperwork.

Please note that I 
do not set up my guitars before listing or shipping. This gutar has most 
likely been set up and should be ready to go, but it is your responsibility 
to get the guitar into the playing condition that you prefer. You may 
need to set the action, intonation, replace old strings and do other minor 
maintanace. Please do not ask questions about tone, sustain, pickup sound, 
etc. I cannot accurately describe the sound of this guitar to you without 
you hearing it for yourself. Please make sure that this is the right guitar 
for you. I do not accept returns simply becuase you do not like the guitar.

















Do Not as for 
a Buy It Now Price if this item does not have one.
Do Not ask me to end the auction and sell this item off of Ebay.
Do Not ask if I want to trade this item unless you are in my area.
Please read the whole auction description before asking questions.



There are a few options for shipping this guitar within 
the US:

1. FedEx Ground: 
This rate will be a flat $60.00.
* Please be advised that FedEx will only cover $500.00 of the value if 
the guitar is damaged during shipment.
* They have this requiement for guitars that are more than 20 years old 
* I know how to package guitars so that they will not get damaged, but 
there is only so much I can do!
* I have mailed over 300 guitars and only one was damaged, so the odds 
are that you will not have any problems
* Please be advised that I will not refund any more than what FedEx gives 
back to me if the guitar gets damaged.
* By paying for this rate, you agree that the 
package will NOT have full insurance coverage!

2. USPS and 
UPS: This rate will range from about $80.00 to more than $100.00
* It is possible to fully insure the package with UPS, but the cost will 
be much more than FedEx Ground.
* I do not have exact prices for these rates, since there are several 
factors that can change before the auction ends.
* You can e-mail me with your zip code and I will try to get you a rough 
idea before the auction ends.

I will mail 
the guitar with FedEx Ground if you automatically pay the $60.00 rate!
Please email me after the auction and ask for the other rates if you want 


* I accept PayPal only.
* You MUST contact me and send your payment within 10 Days after I send 
the invoice.


* Shipping will be a Flat $175.00 for USPS Priority 
Mail International to these Countries ONLY:

Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, 
Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, 
Luxembourg, Macao, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, 
San Marino, Slovak Republic (Slovakia), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican 

* I cannot mail to any other country through USPS due to the size 
of the package, so do not ask!

* I follow all USPS rules and I will not lower the 
value on the Customs Form or mark it as a Gift.
* Any import duties are your responsibility and are not included in the 
shipping cost.
* I accept PayPal only - Do not ask if I accept other types 
of payment.
* You MUST contact me and send your payment within 10 Days after the auction 


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