1978 Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom
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1978 Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom

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gibson les paul custom 306371604549419060 1978 Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom

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1978 Gibson Les paul


Ok, this one sure brings back memories from
the early 80's. I am thinking of
on or two very great players who played
this type of les paul!!!

 That is the beloved neo classical master
Randy Rhoads, A true innovator who made this
guitar scream!He brought feel & technical
prowess together.This guitar carries
with it all that we can ask from
a guitar from the late 70's!

I can remember this type of guitar
being a fond memory on the Crazy
Train video. This guitar sounds
very impressive when cranked
up through a Marshall!!!

Of course one can not under estimate
the very nice tones that the edge
produced on this type of guitar.
So you can get very warm
sounding clean sound out
of this guitar as well!
Every Gibson has there
own unique and distinctive
sounds they can produce
out of them!

Ok, what about the description, right!
Well this guitar is fashioned in
the standard gibson form with
its mostly mahogany Body &
neck. The top is maple and
the fret board is ebony!

Ok very important!!! This guitar
has never encountered a dreaded
headstock break, no routes. The
custom color sought after Alpine
white is in its original state.


This vintage time piece weighs in
at 10 lbs.A very common weight
for a Les Custom Color Les Paul.
In fact may times you can find
Les paul's that are up to
12lbs. So 10lbs is middle
of the road for A Les Paul.

some bumps and bruises in the typical
spots most notably:on the bottom horn
where you usually rest the guitar on
your knee, Some light finish checking,
No nicks through the finish, 1 in
beween the pick ups,1 by the control
knobs, and one on the headstock
inlay which is visible.Various
other light abrasions.Nothing
out of the ordinary though.

time for a synopsis on what is original
and not. I of course like to be as
up front as possible about the make up
of the guitar & what is true to form.

Native to the guitar

Guitar neck body,Frets, volume pots, tuners,
ABR bridge, Stop piece to the bridge, knobs
Case etc...

Non native to the guitar
Pick ups are Gibson '57's, changed pick guard,
A few broken soldier joints, swith tip.

For the most part this guitar has remained mostly
original throughout its 32 year life span. Sometimes,
a change in pick ups can make all the difference in
the world. So instead of me searching for the originals,
I will leave that entirely up to you. Since you might
be pleasantly surprised with this set. Maybe you
will want to find the originals. I hate to sell this
unbelievable guitar, but I need to raise some doe
for the bills. It sure beats most reissues. like they
say in the vintage domain, "old wood is good wood."

maybe next time I will try and form a guitar out
of these words. Anyways, some fellow fretter
will be happy with this beauty!


This guitar will be shipped ou via
UPS or any other method that is so
feasibly possible.Shipping within the
US will cost you $85, fully insured.
I Try and pack like it the guitar
was going to be sent to me.Or in
other words, with a lot of
packing materials.

International Shipping
International customers are welcome, always
I can ship this item to you in another
country, but, of course it will be
substantially more.It will be insured
for the actual value.your business is
appreciated here as well.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at
all the very nicee  items! I will be listing more
in the near future. Take a look inside my store


Best regards Dan


gibson les paul custom 306371604549419061 1978 Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom
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