1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red
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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red

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gibson les paul custom 309091105584184370 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red

I Bought this Guitar in 1979. I played the heck out of it for years, It has excellent action, great for fast picking. I'm selling because I just don't use the Paul much anymore. This guitar has honest wear all over it. The gold finish on the pick ups is all but gone , there is a lot of buckle scar and wear to the back and a scrape on back up by neck see pics 7 and 9. There is finish missing along the neck from me flying all over the place when I play. The finish is etched away along the seem where neck meets the body see pic 11, its just cosmetic like all the wear on it.The front looks good with not to much wear just a couple of tiny nicks and tiny dents you can see a bit in pic 4 , it could use a good buffing I suppose but looks never mattered to me , just sound and feel.The cap to the rhythm treble switch is missing.  The binding along the neck shows little cracks at each fret but they aren't pushing through or anything weird. The binding around the body is yellowed. The nut was replaced, I had it re-fretted with Gibson 6130 frets years ago and they play and sound much nicer than the stock frets that I played with for years. I had Grover tuning heads put on it back in the 80's. I had the stock tuning heads in storage but I can't find them ,if I do I'll send them to the buyer if I find them later. This is a players Guitar , I've played other Les Pauls from around the same time and they all feel different. This one always felt fast and has great sustain like most Les Pauls. Other than the Tuners ,Frets and Nut, it is original from when I bought it and when it comes to playing...all three changes were improvements. I guarantee that none of your favorite Paul players left the original frets and probably not the tuning heads. There is no major damage on the guitar. Its been sitting a while and could use the intonation set and tune up.It has its original case which has various scrapes and a few tears pulling away ect ,and a broken buckle but nothing real bad.I Prefer a M/O contact me before paying please. Buyer pays 40.00 shipping.  

gibson les paul custom 309091105584184371 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red
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