1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Vintage Custom
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1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Vintage Custom

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***See below for more pictures**

Up for auction is my 1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The guitar is Heritage Cherry Sunburst and it is marked as such ("HSC") inside the pickup cavity. The top is flawless, there isn't a mark on it. You can see the gleam from the photos. The guitar is a great feeling and sounding instrument. It's got so much vintage tone. Unplugged, it has a lot of resonance, and plugged in it is an absolute monster!! This guitar is from an era before Gibson started weight relieving their guitars, so it's constructed with one SOLID piece of mahogany. It's not weight relieved or chambered, it's just all Gibson tone and feeling. That's a big reason why the tone on this guitar is so great. The guitar weighs in at 8.8 pounds. That is very light and comfortable for a non-weight relieved Les Paul guitar!

The neck is straight and the action is low. There is no buzz or dead spots on any of the frets. I have had this guitar set up perfectly everyday since I've owned it. The tailpiece is completely screwed down and the strings don't touch the back of the bridge which adds to the Les Paul sustain of the guitar (and stability of the bridge!). There are no issues with any of the tuners. The nut has been replaced, but the original nut is included with the auction. The size of the neck profile is in-between a 50's and 60's style, closer to the 60's but not quite as thin. It is very comfortable and plays like a dream. The guitar has very little fretwear leading me to believe that it has been re-fretted in some point during it's life. Whoever did the fret job did a GREAT job, they are level, smooth, and perfectly done. You can see from the pictures...and the very dark indian rosewood fretboard with the classic les paul inlays. The serial number is intact on the headstock. I will disclose it to the winner.

The pickups have been upgraded to Gibson Burstbucker 1 and Gibson Burstbucker 3. These PAF sounding pickups give an awesome crunch, perfect for blues and classic rock. They sound great. They give a great clean all the way to an awesome heavy gain. They are both unpotted which is a nice touch, almost giving air to the tone of the guitar and adding to the harmonic richness the PAF sound was known for. Both pickups are double blacks under the covers. These are huge upgrades over the standard Gibson 490/498 and give much more vintage tone. This guitar can purr softly or be in your face with screaming mids!! Tonally the possibilies are endless.

Mods and Upgrades- All the wiring was replaced with vintage sheilded cable and the cavity has been shielded and grounded. There is NO hum whatsoever when plugged in. It's 100% silent. The pots were upgraded to 500k Gibson OEM audio taper pots. These really open up the sound of the guitar and make the pickups give more output. They clean up really nicely when the volume is rolled back and they are more gradual than the stock pots since they are audio taper as opposed to linear. The original pots, dated 1988, are included.

The caps have been upgraded to vintage 1960's Sprauge Black Beauties (mylar) .022mf 400v and 600v. They are a HUGE upgrade over the ceramic caps (also included) and really give your tone much more control and depth.

Peter Green Mod-The neck pickup's magnet has been flipped so it is out of phase with the bridge. When both selected and the volumes rolled back a bit, you get the Peter Green nasally tone that is super cool (do some searches on youtube if you haven't heard of it). There is no difference when pickups are played independently or with volumes all the way up.

ABR-1 Conversion-The bridge has been converted from the Nashville bridge with the large bushings to a Tonepros AVR-2 bridge and the posts have been replaced with stainless steel threaded machine screws, giving a brighter sound. The threaded ABR posts travel through the maple top, into the mahogany giving much more resonance to the tone and a whole lot more power and prescense than the Nashville ever could. The ABR-1's are only found on Gibson Historic models. This was the biggest upgrade on the guitar and really added a huge amount to the overall guitar tone. (Nashville bridge and posts included).

There has been a historic switch tip added (amber) but the original one is included (cream). You can the cream in the pictures without the pickguard. I've also added gold pointer washers to the volume and tone controls. You can only see them in some of the pictures. The switch, tuners, end jack, pickguard and tailpiece are all original. I took some pictures inside and outside so you could fully see the guitar.

There are some a small paint chips on the very bottom back edge and a slight nick to the middel of the neck (you can't feel it whatsoever when playing). None of these are major issues and could be touched up with a $10 lacquer pen. This is very little aging for a 22 year old guitar and just adds to the MOJO.

Please let me know if you have any questions. The guitar comes with a virtually new black Gibson USA Case and all the parts mentioned in the description. This is a JEM of a Les Paul, you will not be dissapointed. I will ship worldwide, please ask for quotes. I've sold probably 50 guitars on eBay, and my feedback is perfect. Check out the pictures and let me know what else I can tell you!! The pickguard is currently on the guitar.

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