1994 Gibson Les Paul Custom 57 Black Beauty Re-issue
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1994 Gibson Les Paul Custom 57 Black Beauty Re-issue

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1994 Les Paul Custom - '57 Black Beauty Reissue

1994 Gibson Les Paul Custom - '57 Black Beauty Re-issue

This guitar has a headstock crack and is in need of repair.
This guitar sold on Ebay in January of 2010 for $1725 and was damaged by the carrier enroute to the buyer. The claim was settled and I am
selling the guitar for it's salvage value. It's a great Luthier Special / Project Guitar. I received rough estimates based on photos
from a local luthier, from Gibson and from Elderly. If someone has the time, it would be worth it to have this guitar repaired. I
just don't have the time. The remainder of the listing is pretty much the same as the original listing from January 2010.

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Up for auction is a 1994 Gibson Les Paul Custom - 1957 Black Beauty Re-issue.
It has that classic Les Paul FAT sound and plays like butter.
It was purchased new in 1995. I am the original owner and it has resided in its case
for most of the years since then in a smoke free environment. It's seldom traveled away
from home - never to a gig.

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Included is the original harsdshell case that was provided when it was purchased.
It's an black Epiphone Les Paul case with the Epiphone logo removed.
You'll probably agree that the black exterior with grey interior is more striking
for this guitar than the original equipment Gibson brown exterior case that would have been provided.
The shop had run out of Gison cases the day I made the purchase so they substituted the black case.
The day I purchased this guitar I spent almost two hours playing the various Les Paul's
in stock and this was the overwhelming winner for FAT, DEEP, BASS sound.

The plastic knob on the Rhythm/Treble toggle switch has been replaced with a
gold plated metal one. The plastic mounting piece for the input cord
has been replaced with a gold plated metal one as well. These are both clearly shown in the pictures.
Otherwise, the guitar is all original equipment. The guitar itself weights 9.6 lbs and with the case
included weights 18 lbs. When setup properly, the action is great with no buzzing or metallic sound.

When I purchased the guitar in 1995, I was in a Jazz/Blues phase. I am really an acoustic folkie
at heart, so I haven't played the guitar much. Since the guitar was only played regularly for a short
period of time, there is virtually no fret wear or fingerboard wear. However, since it hasn't been played,
it will probably need a new set of strings and need to be setup the way you want it.
It's a great guitar and I hate to let it go. I don't play it, have enough challanges with my
acoustic instruments (guitar, fiddle, banjo and mandolin) and have a wife that won't let me make any
more acoustic purchases until I sell something.

There are several minor issues which reduce the value but don't affect the sound or playability.
Here's a list of the issues, all minor if purchased as a player and not as a collectable.

  • There was a headstock crack prior to the current one which was professionally repaired and then refinished
    in the area of the crack. The crack was not completely through the wood and there is no visible indication
    that a repair was made. You can't tell that the area was refinished. The repair was made in 1995 and there
    have been no issues since that time. The current headstock crack does not appear to be in the same location
    as the original headstock crack.
  • I drilled several holes in the top to mount a MIDI pick up. They have been professionally repaired.
    They are noticable as a slight difference in the color of the finish, when you look up close,
    and know your are looking for a defect. The size of the discoloration about the size of a nickel or dime.
    From about 2 feet away you can't detect a thing. The luthier that repaired the holes felt that it would
    detract more if he refinished the entire top and failed to match the antique yellowing on the binding.
  • There are some minor cracks in the binding on the neck at the frets in several places.
  • There is a scratch in the finish at about the first fret on the treble side of the back of the neck.
    It doesn't appear that the wood is scratched.
  • There is some very minor scratching (pick and belt buckle) on the top and back.
    The guitar was played so some minor scratching is to be expected.

I have included a number of photos including high quality photos so you can examine the guitar and the issues up close.
If you require additional photos, let me know and I will provide whatever you need. I'm a player not a collector, so
I don't have all the specifications. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to provide an answer or try to obtain
the information you require.

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Payment Options
I will only accept payment via Pay-Pal. Payment is required withing 24 hours of the auctions end.

Shipping and Handling
I will ship ONLY to the lower 48 states and shipping via UPS Ground will be a flat $50.00 including full insurance
for the purchase price. The guitar will be packed and shipped the next business day following payment receipt.

Buyer requirenments
Buyer must have a Pay-Pal account.
Return Policy
This is one my first attempts at selling on e-bay. I am not a professional e-bay seller.
I have a 100% positive feedback, including feedback from the buyer who received the broken guitar.
You can bid with the confidence that I want to retain that rating.
I have tried to be as open and honest about the condition of this guitar as I can. While it is in need of repair and there are some issues that a collector
would be concerned with, as far as a playing guitar goes, in my opinion, it's an excellent guitar, once the headstock crack is repaired.
Please look closely at the photos, request additional photos, if you are unsure and ask questions,
if I have failed to provide the information you need.
The guitar is being sold as is, for salvage value. The guitar is damaged and there may be additional damage beyond
the headstock crack. The crack has not been repaired and the guitar has not been strung up and fully tensioned.
No Returns.

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