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Custom Gibson Les Paul Guinness Guitar

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gibson les paul custom 150982705787956700 Custom Gibson Les Paul Guinness Guitar

Guinness Fleadh

“Capture the Best of Ireland”

Gibson LesPaul Special

Production limited to 25


SN# XXXX8001


Guitar Info

Made at the
Bozeman Plant, MA, USA
August 11th, 1998
Production Number: 1


The Grand Prize from the Guinness Fleadh “Capture the Best of Ireland” Sweepstakes of 1997.

1st PRIZE a Gibson Custom Les Paul Special “Guinness” Guitar. Commissioned by GUINNESS Inc. exclusively for the Worldwide Promotion of the Guinness Fleadh “Capture the Best of Ireland” Sweepstakes

 A total of ONLY 25 of these guitars was made for this Worldwide Promotion. Twenty-five Lucky Grand Prize winners each received one of these Beautiful & RARE Guitars! I personally know of only 3 that had existed here in the USA only few years ago.



Included in this offering is:

v  Gibson Les Paul Special Guitar

v  A Gibson CUSTOM Art – Historic Hardshell Case

v  Original “Guinness Fleadh” Sweepstakes Entry form (Blank)

v  The Original Judging Organization notification letter of “Grand Prize Winner” selection based on specified receipt requirements.

v  Note of Congratulations by the Official Judging Organization for the Guinness Fleadh “Capture the Best of Ireland” Sweepstakes & on Behalf of the Guinness Import Company enclosed with the guitar.

v  Guinness Fleadh Guitar “Inflatable” Promo  



The Guitar in this auction is the First of the Twenty-five produced for this Worldwide Promotion. It has never been gigged. It has been used exclusively for Local promotional purposes and photo sessions. The guitar on display at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas Nevada is the Sister to this guitar. This guitar has been on display at a number of locations here in New York City, Dublin and Galway since acquiring it in 2001.


Guitar imperfections? Yes, Made while on stationary display. Located on the lower side of the neck and two located on the body lower rear bout. Seen on close inspection only but, none the less there.

Upper rear bout inside edge small chip/dent approx 1/8th inch.


This Guitar has also been SNAGG Microchiped & registered.

Read details below.

All inquires & International Bidding WELCOME!

Please DO NOT BID if your purpose is to "part - out" this instrument!  

Satisfaction GUARANTEED!


      What is SNAGG?

SNAGG provides Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technological microchips. This technology is flexible, and extremely adaptable for almost any application as a theft deterrent. I am now providing this technology for buyers of my musical instruments as a courtesy FREE of CHARGE. The purpose of the Snagg Microchip is to provide unalterable positive identification as

to the legal ownership of the asset in question, provide a worldwide database registry

and aid in the recovery of lost or stolen instruments.

SNAGG's unique secure musical instrument registration system provides many advantages to owners of SNAGG-enabled musical instruments:

  • Theft deterrence.
  • Enhanced property recovery (if musical instrument is lost or stolen).
  • Guarantee of provenance (necessary to prove authenticity when assets are sold or traded). 

  • Protection against fraudulent reproduction

This instrument’s confidential information will be released and transferred to the new owner upon final approval of the Buyer. This technology was installed by a professional and / or authorized Luther by the seller for the sole benefit of the customer at no additional cost to the buyer. The buyer agrees to provide the Seller with all necessary information required to allow properly transfer of ownership on the SNAGG Website.

Please go to SNAGG.COM for more information and details




(Within the contiguous 48 states)

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS Please contact me for Handling time, shipping costs to your destination prior to bidding or end of auction.

Failure to do so will result in your bid being cancelled and/or removed from this listing. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

This item is also for sale locally, I retain the right to end this auction at any time.


gibson les paul custom 150982705787956701 Custom Gibson Les Paul Guinness Guitar
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