Gibson Custom Les Paul Sg Custom Maestro 1961 Reissue
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Gibson Custom Les Paul Sg Custom Maestro 1961 Reissue

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Gibson Custom Les Paul SG - Custom Maestro 1961 Reissue
by the Gibson Custom Art and Historic shop.
~ not less expensive Vintage Original Spec. (VOS)


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I am a retired Cmdr. Navy Flight Officer
"Who cares stupid?"
Fair enough, but I just know that it's easier to read these ads when you know that everything is clear and true.
My customers know that nobody describes their guitars as fairly as I do. If anything, I understate the condition of my guitars.
If you find a better bargain, just enter "piece of mind" into the equation.  Obviously, I am
taking advantage of my life experiences and successes to separate myself from the
unknown qualities of other sellers.

That's right... the SG started out as the new and improved Les Paul when
sales of the single-cutaway Les Paul dropped, and Gibson found that players preferred the
thinner profile with easier access to the higher frets. We all know that the Les Paul has since
reclaimed it's higher sales but the SG is still the preferred axe for many artists.

The SG Custom's tuxedo looks marked a new class of Gibson luxury when it was first
introduced in 1961. With its classic white finish and complement of gold hardware,
mother-of-pearl inlays and neck and peg head binding, the Gibson SG Custom Les Paul
is a pleasure to behold.

The Gibson SG actually began life in 1961 as the "new and improved" Les Paul. However, Les was not particularly fond of the design which featured a thinner mahogany body with beveled edges and pointed horns, so the guitar eventually got a new name: The SG, which stood for "Solid Guitar." It was actually a big success for Gibson - obviously the right design for the times. Most SGs were finished in Cherry, which was all the rage in the '60s, however, some were produced in White or rarely, Ebony. The original SG Series addressed two of what Gibson president Ted McCarty saw as major issues with the original Les Paul design, which was the weight, along with somewhat limited access to the upper frets. With a thinner, lighter mahogany body and a neck that joined the body right at the upper limits of the 22-fret fingerboard, the SG was a hit. If you're looking for a historically accurate reissue of the 1961 SG that looks just like it rolled off the production line more than four decades ago, check out the Gibson's Art and Historic shop 1961 Reissue SG Custom, which includes such high-end appointments as three humbuckers, gold hardware and an ebony neck with real pearl inlays. Play one and you'll understand why this is a design that's survived for almost half a century in an industry that's well known for change.

There will be 'no' surprises when you receive this guitar -
no regrets as to the description of this guitar. This guitar is in Mint Condition. It has never been on a sales-floor.
Remember that I cannot avoid flash and natural light glare. "Frets are barely used and have that showroom shine!"

Many sellers don't understand (or ignore) the grading criteria and will even call a guitar Mint in the title and then
list damage and flaws in the item description.

I will never mislead anyone and I go out of my way to describe flaws. I have earned a situation
where I can do what I like with my time (even if I lose a bit in the bargain). I build custom guitars that feature military
tributes and many of the guitars I sell are trades or partial trades for my own guitars.

I will never degrade myself to make a buck, so you will never be surprised with misleading descriptions

Gibson SG Custom Reissue Features at a Glance:

Lightweight mahogany body with dual cutaway design in Classic White
Three '57 Classic humbucking pickups with three-way toggle switch
Authentic ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece
Solid mahogany neck with long neck tenon and ebony fingerboard
Custom Shop hardshell case

It's hard to believe that by 1961, Gibson decided to discontinue the original Les Paul guitar - or what we now think of as the Les Paul Standard. The motivation is unclear, though it can probably be traced to both weak sales and the urge to try something new. In any case, the first SGs (which this duplicates) were actually called Les Pauls, but Les himself wasn't in favor of that for a variety of reasons. So, in a bold move, this solid guitar was renamed SG, which stood for, uh, solid guitar. A few years later, Gibson started making the original Les Pauls again, but the SG proved so popular that they kept making them. Though it fell on tough times in later years, there's a renewed interest in SGs today. The reason is easy to understand. It's actually quite a cool looking instrument, delivering the classic humbucker sound for people who don't particularly want or need a Les Paul Standard. The SG is also a much lighter instrument, thanks to the thinner mahogany body and the deeply beveled edges. The Custom Shop SG Custom Reissue is a totally spot-on accurate reissue of the original 1961 Gibson SG Custom, including the smaller pickguard and the crest inlay headstock along with all the usual high-end features of Gibson's Custom models. A nice touch is the "Les Paul Custom" engraving at the neck joint. Talk about accuracy!

Three '57 Classic humbucking pickups with three-way toggle switch

When you really want to cook on a solo or deliver some thunderous power chords, you reach for a guitar that's got a pair of humbuckers, right? Wait...what could be better than two humbuckers? Right, three '57 Classics! Forget all those thin "out-of-phase" guitar sounds that the session players overused in the 1980s and (sad to say) right through much of the '90s. That's not for you. Your sound is all about the warmth, punch and midrange complexity you can only get from humbuckers. With that in mind, the Vintage Original Spec SG Custom Reissue comes with a smoking hot complement of three nickel covered Gibson '57 Classic Humbuckers for the ultimate in tone along with Gibson's standard layout of two volume and two tone controls and a three-position toggle switch. Lots of players over the years picked up SGs and loved them. Just a few include Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Angus Young, Frank Zappa, Tony Iommi and most recently, bottleneck prodigy Derek Trucks.

  • Solid mahogany body (no binding)
  • Gold hardware
  • ABR-1 Tun-O-Matic Bridge with Maestro tremolo tailpiece
  • Single-piece mahogany neck
  • ebony fingerboard with 22-fret
  • Pearl rectangular inlays
  • Single-ply white neck binding
  • 1960 slim-taper neck profile
  • 24.75 inch scale length neck
  • Vintage tulip tuners
  • 3 BurstBucker humbuckers at neck, mid, and bridge position
  • 2 volume, 2 tone, and 3-way selector switch controls
  • Gibson "Custom Shop" hardshell molded case

    Authentic ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece
    One of Gibson's many accomplishments during the 1950s was the development of the tune-o-matic bridge, which allowed for precise intonation of each and every string. The patent for the design, which Gibson designated as the ABR-1, was granted to Gibson president Ted McCarty, a fact that's never been in dispute, though it wasn't until more recently that McCarty's many innovations have truly been recognized. Since then, millions of guitars have been built with variations on that theme. Though for a while, it seemed that the design for those original bridges might be gone, Gibson has brilliantly recreated it for the Vintage Original Spec Series. While some 1960s SGs shipped with Maestro vibratos, the majority of players will prefer this version which has the standard stud-mounted stop tailpiece, which helps produce the signature SG tone and sustain.

    Solid mahogany neck with long neck tenon and ebony fingerboard
    The early Les Pauls had huge necks, but by 1960 the neck underwent several modifications until it became what's known as the slim-taper design. The SG Custom, which was Gibson's most expensive solidbody electric after the company discontinued the Les paul line, was produced with the slim-taper mahogany neck, making it among the fastest ever designed. The Vintage Original Spec SG Custom Reissue reproduces that ultra fast profile with the historically accurate long neck tenon. If you like the combination of a fast mahogany neck with the nearly limitless access to the upper frets that's an SG trademark, you'll love the SG Custom Vintage Original Spec Reissue. It's got a fully bound ebony fingerboard with real pearl block inlays which Gibson reserves for only its top models. The headstock also has the distinctive Custom Series split diamond pearl inlay, vintage "tulip" tuners and (since it's as accurate as possible) it even includes "Les Paul Custom" on the truss rod cover.


    Naturally, a guitar as special as the SG Custom Reissue will come with a plush-lined hardshell case as befits its lofty status as one of Gibson's most popular - and advanced - models (even if it wasn't apparent back in the 1960s). So this one comes with a really sweet Custom Shop case that will offer the ultimate protection for your investment for many decades to come.

    In addition to assorted paperwork:

    • A new set of D'Addario guitars strings.
    • A bottle of Gibson "Gloss Sauce"
    • A heavy-duty string winder
    • Guitar picks
    • Truss Rod Hex Key tool
    • Case combo

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