Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Movie Prop
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Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Movie Prop

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This guitar was given to me by a friend that was working on a low budget film, so it's safe to assume is was NOT made by Gibson. The prop was originally meant to be destroyed on stage during a scene in which the band in the film bashes the guitar and sets their drum set on fire. They had three of these made or acquired them in China for that purpose. They only destroyed two while getting the shot and this guitar was spared. It's actually in pretty much MINT condition. That being said, it is a movie prop. Not a Gibson Les Paul. The movie was never released, so it's not one anyone would have ever heard of.

It is a real guitar and has working humbuckers, tuners, plugs, etc. Very cool looking flame top - which is ironic. It's natural color. Have no idea what kind of wood its made of or who made it. It is definitely NOT a Gibson although it has many of the appointments of a Gibson Les Paul Custom including Gold Hardware, Grover Tuners, mother of pearl inlay, etc. The logo is not made of mother of pearl like an original. Not sure what or how the logo is made. Looks good, but is not original. I assume all the appointments are replica as well. I will admit when I was given this guitar I thought it was real. I had to play it to figure out it wasn't -- doesn't quite have the tone of a real Les Paul. I even took it over to my local guitar tech -- to see what he thought and he pointed out specifics and confirmed is was NOT original. That being said it is probably the coolest wall candy you could even have. I kept it on the wall of my studio for the past 5 years and no one ever thought it was anything other that an original, but this is/was NOT ever meant to be passed as an original and I am making it very clear that this guitar is in no way made by Gibson in any of its factories. It says made in USA, but it is made in China.

Playability is ok. This is more wall candy than a usable electric guitar. But it does sound great through an amp, but goes out of tune much more often than a real Les Paul. A good set-up could fix that problem -- but again this is being sold as a movie prop -- NOT as a guitar.

That being said, I am including some original and authentic Gibson items as well in the auction. Both the gig bag and strap are 100% Authentic and included in the auction. I bought these at Guitar Center to keep the guitar safe. The Gig Bag's zipper tab came off and I replaced it with a key ring (see pictures). The Gig bag and strap alone cost me $75. Cool guitar some someone. This is the only one of these I have ever seen, I have no others.

Shipping is $30. Paypal ONLY. CONUS ONLY. All sales final.

gibson les paul custom 318392706124095301 Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar   Movie Prop
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