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Gibson Les Paul Custom Style Project Guitar

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Up for
auction is an almost completed Gibson Les Paul/ ESP Eclipse style custom
guitar. Just to be clear, this is a PROJECT GUITAR, and still needs to have a
few things done to it before it is complete. Through a series of events I have
ended up with this almost complete custom guitar that was hand built in the USA
by Troy Post. You can check out his work here:


He makes very
high quality instruments. All of the shaping/carving was done by hand on this
guitar. This guitar has some of the best and most comfortable body shaping I
have ever felt. It also has exceptional fret work. I am not a luthier, but will
do my best to describe the guitar. Please ask any and all questions you have,
and I will do my best to answer them.


First, there
are a few things that need to be done on this guitar before it is complete. The
incomplete section on this guitar is mainly in the Floyd Rose route. As you can
see in the pictures, the initial hand carving is all that has been done to the
top of the Floyd route. It has not been gone over by a router with a template
at all. The route also has some form of preliminary black paint in it that will
need to be routed/sanded away. From the measurements I have taken, I believe
that the Floyd studs are both mounted an equal distance from the nut. It may
not appear this way due to the sloppy/incomplete carving job. The back side of
the Floyd route also needs additional routing work. As you can see in the
pictures, there are 2 existing wings of wood that interfere with the spring
movement. The guitar will function as it is now, but when the springs are
clipped into the outer holes on the tremolo block, there is excessive binding
on those wood sections. If the Tremol-No device were taken out, the springs
could simply be moved inwards where they would not rub on anything. The only
other things that this guitar needs are 2 flat pickup rings (the current rings
are slanted and junky), and some light sanding on a few areas of the body. The
entire guitar has already been sanded and coated with 3-4 coats of some form of
oil; either Tung oil or Tru Oil. No work has been attempted on this guitar
since it left the builder’s workshop. I am the first person that has owned it,
and I have not modified it any way.


I’ll try to
list as many specs on the guitar as I can.


Neck: Neck
through body design with a 5 piece maple and walnut neck. The neck shape is
somewhat similar to a medium shaped Gibson neck, but it flattens out rather
than getting chunkier right before it meets the body. It is actually a pretty
comfortable neck to play on. The fingerboard is ebony and the neck has 24




Body: Core
wood is mahogany, top is bubinga, and back is bubinga and walnut. The control
covers are veneers of walnut and some other wood. The body has both a tummy
cut, and a sculpted lower horn. The body is similar in thickness to an old Les
Paul, and has about the same weight; around 8 or 9 pounds.


Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and a Dimarzio Evolution 2 in the bridge.


Black Sperzel locking tuners, black Original Floyd Rose tremolo and locking
nut, black Schaller strap locks, Tremol-No device installed. The Floyd has the
original tremolo block on it currently, but I will also include a larger 42mm
block as well.


3 way pickup toggle, 2 volume and 1 tone control all with wooden knobs,
Buckethead style killswitch, and top mounted jack.


This guitar
really is quite nice, I just currently do not have the time or the resources to
see it through to the finish. Guitar will be packed well in a guitar-specific
box and shipped with insurance to the contiguous
48 US states only. Please check out the photos of the guitar, and ask any
questions you may have. I am trying to recover a portion of what I have invested in this project. All reasonable offers considered.



More photos:

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